Teow Yue Han is an interdisciplinary artist with a keen interest in gestures and interaction. Not confined to any medium, he seeks to explore the aesthetical residue of identity and the interface between physicality and technology.

Yue Han graduated from NTU School of Art Design and Media (ADM) in 2012 with a BFA in Digital Filmmaking and is pursuing his MA at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. He has performed locally at Fetterfield, R.I.T.E.S., Night Festival 2010, NOW! and exhibited internationally in China, Korea and London. He is also a core member of FOCA (Free of Charge Artshow) – a curatorial team interested in engaging alternative spaces, critical discourse and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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Inter/Face 2015
30 min video loop

Inter/face is a series of performances exploring the opportunities and limitations that technology imposes on the body. With the notion of “liveness” and the physical experience of performance challenged by live broadcast, Inter/face seeks to create different spaces and temporalities that channels the body between physical and virtual space. This involves the choreography of screens, dancers, video streaming technologies, audience — creating a hybridised environment that is symptomatic of our times.

For the first work in the Inter/face series, the artist collaborates with Singapore dance company RAW Moves to produce documented Skype performances inspired by our daily interaction with mobile devices. In the performance event, dancers from both Singapore and London will perform alongside one another, the former performing through live streaming. The elements in the work will be highly precise while allowing audience interaction, engaging the exhibition space to become a playful site of transmission.



Nicole clearing her mailbox in the morning 2014


In collaboration with





RAW Moves (Singapore)
Artistic Director : Ricky Sim
Facilitator : Chiew Peishan
Dancers : Neo Hong Chin, Matthew Goh, Melyn Chow, Lai Weivien, Kong Wei Jie, Germaine Cheng
London-based dancers: Rhys Dennis, Anna Maria Jurek, Zunnur Sazali