Andrew Herdon & Puppy Photo


Andrew Herdon (b. 1977, London) lived in Singapore for over three years from 2011 – 2014. Andrew has previously exhibited his origami installations at Ikkan Art Gallery and Chan Hampe Gallery (Raffles Hotel) in Singapore. In 2016, the artist will fill a shipping container with an origami jungle installation at The Container gallery in Tokyo. His works are in private collections in Singapore, London, Tokyo, California and Hong Kong.

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Jungle Matrix (The Shadows of Plato's Cave) web


Her Beauty was a Curse
But the Money Bought her Happiness, 2014-2015
Hand-sewn embroidery and acrylic on canvas
52 x 52 cm

Feeding the Hungry Ghost of an Artist
(Origami installation) 2015
Dimensions variable

Jungle Matrix (The Shadows of Plato’s Cave) 2014
Acrylic, pen and ink on paper
87 x 83.5 cm

Ignorance is Bliss 2015
Spray-paint on paper
29.7 x 29.7 cm

Broken Britain 2010
Gouache on cut paper
Mounted on board
62.5 x 45 cm