Nicole clearing her mailbox in the morning 2014

20 June 2015, Saturday

Performance: Inter/Face
Artist: Teow Yue Han in collaboration with RAW Moves (Singapore)

Inter/face is a series of performances exploring the opportunities and limitations that technology imposes on the body. With the notion of “liveness” and the physical experience of performance challenged by live broadcast, Inter/face seeks to create different spaces and temporalities that channels the body between physical and virtual space. This involves the choreography of screens, dancers, video streaming technologies, audience — creating a hybridised environment that is symptomatic of our times.

In this live performance event, dancers from both Singapore and London will perform alongside one another, the former performing through live streaming. The elements in the work will be highly precise while allowing audience interaction, engaging the exhibition space to become a playful site of transmission.

1.30pm – 2.00pm
Welcome to EX PARTE & Post-performance Q&A with Teow Yue Han

2.00pm – 2.25pm
Talk: On seeds, stories and passages
Artist: Nicola Anthony

Nicola will use a presentation of her recent works, including Constellation, Six Thousand Moments, the public sculpture Ouroboros etc, to explain the journey and evolution of her practice. In particular she will focus on the her materials and processes,  especially in relation to her moving to Singapore and how that has made her much more sensitive to the laden significance of materials.

2.30pm – 2.55pm
Talk: Taxonomies Scanned
Artist: Weixin Chong

3.00pm – 3.25pm
Talk: Alien Ethnographies
Artist: Debbie Ding

3.30pm – 4.00pm
Panel: Constructed Specificities
Artists: Andrew Herdon, Debbie Ding, Nicola Anthony and Weixin Chong

A discussion on the intersections of the local, labour, identity and arts practice.

4.00pm – 4.45pm 

5.00pm – 5.30pm
Performance lecture: Life on the RUN! RUN! RUN! 2015
Artist: Dr Kai Syng Tan

For Blaise Pascal, human beings’ nature ‘consists in motion; complete rest is death’. This echoes the words of Lao Zi who describes human beings as ‘soft and nimble when living, but firm and rigid when dead.’ In other words, stagnancy is associated with death, and movement with life.

Dr Kai Syng Tan’s work brings this ethos to life. It scrutinises the poetics of physical, imaginative and virtual movements — via running. ‘Life on the RUN! RUN! RUN!’ explores running as a critical and creative strategy for the 21st contemporary individual, with a focus on the physical and poetic processes of ‘being on the run’.

5.30pm – 6.15pm
Talk: A Kind of Memory Theatre
Performance: Accelerated Intimacy 2015
(A reading of composited journal entries from the years 2013-2015)
Artist: Sarah Choo Jing

6.20pm – 7.00pm
Art Rhetorics: Debating History, Nation, and Art.
The Ontological status of the forgotten Malay Weaver.
Artist: Erika Tan

Jennifer K. Y. Lam
Mingyu Lin
Eugenia Low
Trishelea Sandosam

This House argues that Halima, a Malay female weaver who participated in the 1924 Empire Exhibition in London (Wembley) should be seen as one of Singapore’s earliest female cultural ambassadors and that she and her work should be symbolically repatriated and incorporated into the developing canon of Singaporean Art.

Using the format of a debate, to counterpose a what if  / apa jika scenario that takes Halima, a former Malay expert weaver who became a ‘living exhibit’ in the Empire Exhibition in Wembley (1924) as its central concern. Halima along with 19 other Malayans lived and worked within the exhibition pavilion. A few months into her ‘residency’ Halima contracted pneumonia and died. She was buried in Brookwood cemetery in an unmarked grave. Her story ostensibly ends there. The footnotes where Halima currently exists will be explored by a team of specialists who will extrapolate from these fragments.

Erika will also give a short introduction to her work in the exhibition and her current research on Halima, the forgotten Malay weaver.

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